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Roll-out Wrestling Mats are ideal for schools, home users, and gyms. Lightweight, durable, made out of vinyl, easily cleaned, and can be used for everything from karate, to cheerleading, to martial arts, and all other athletic uses in between. Available in a variety of sizes and colors for every purpose and style. Roll Out Wrestling Mats are lightweight, easily stored, attractive, and perfect for every use from everyday training to college level competition.

Mats meet all standards for construction of wrestling mats for use in tournaments and offer superior protection for wrestlers and all athletes alike. Mats are treated with Bio-Pruf for a clean and safe anti-microbial surface.

Standard Sizes:
42' x 42' (regulation)
40' x 42'
36' x 36'

Additional Sizes:
42' x 38'
30' x 30'
24' x 24'
18' x 18'

  • Lightweight, durable, long Lasting
  • Does Not Harden
  • Superior Grip
  • Customizable With Graphics
  • Easily and safely laid down or rolled up by one person
  • Stays in Place
  • Lays Flat
  • Compact
  • Easy to Transfer
  • Bio-Pruf Antimicrobial Treated
  • 24 oz. Non-Slip Vinyl
  • Crack Resistant
  • Tear Resistant
  • 2.2 lb. Density Closed-Cell Polyethylene Foam
  • 1-5/8" Thick
  • Bio-Pruf Antimicrobial Treated Surface to Deter the Spread of Bacteria
  • Roll Out Mats Meet all ASTM f1081/F355 Construction and Impact Resistance Standards


All of our wall pads are professionally made with a 2 " thick 100 ILD Polyurethane foam bonded to 7/16" thick OSB backer board and covered with 14 oz. Polyurethane Fire Rated vinyl. A 1" lip at the top and bottom of each pad make for easy mounting to any surface. Aluminum Z-Clip, and Velcro also available for mounting lipless pads. Special sizes, school logos, graphics, and cut-outs for outlets, vents, etc are available upon request.

Gymnasiums, Wrestling Rooms, Auditoriums, Activity Centers, Rec Rooms, and Multi-Purpose Rooms



The majority of the deals I put together for my customers are for multi-unit purchases. Given that, I can negotiate better shipping rates from the various freight carriers, Yellow, FedEx, ASIA.

Private consumer orders and single-unit orders are welcome and encouraged! You'll get the same great unit price and the lowest possible cost on freight.

DON'T BE FOOLED by system pricing that includes FREE freight. I can beat those prices by hundreds.

Hands down the RuffNeck System; in-ground, fixed-height, is the most cost-effective for public, outdoor use. 20-year warranty, nice board size, very cost-effective. RuffNeck systems ship for as little as $110 depending on location. RuffNeck systems ship for as little as $110 depending on location.

Adjustable Height: You can't go wrong with any. Most cost-effective is the Attack System but the move up to the Force System or Titan System gets you not only larger board size options, but also the Lifetime Superior Warranty.

Portables: The Fury System is the most commonly sold system to church groups and youth groups, and any organization type where you know, more or less, who's going to play on it. It's heavy enough for aggressive adult play and more than stable enough for youth play. Lifetime Limited Warranty covers everything basketball related, including dunking, but not the SHAQ hang on the rim gorilla slam.

For aggressive play or high-level competition play, go up to the Storm System or Thunder System. They are heavier so can support a larger board (glass) and they come with a Lifetime Superior Warranty. Everything is covered.

Please contact me via this web site or give a call toll free if I can answer any questions. I assure you I can put you in the best system for your needs and provide complete padding solutions for any type of facility, and no one will be more helpful as you sort through sourcing your equipment needs.

Tom Nicotera

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